Tuesday, October 20, 2015

| I guess I should read the blog once in a while!

Yeah, things have kinda trailed off, huh?

Anyway, holy shit, congrats dude! April's not far off! Now I feel guilty that I didn't see your news last week and so I will forgive you if you don't name the kid "jr0n".

Good 2-player games... really depends on the complexity level. If you don't mind some fantasy theming and a little (very light) combat, Small World is a great 2-player game. Five Tribes is supposed to be good as well, but a little heavier and I haven't played it. In other companies, Agricola is REALLY good, with a great theme about building your farm/growing your family, but is heavy. Takenoko is supposed to be really good, but haven't tried it... Love Letter is fun, quick, and also is cheap.

You might try poking around the Family Games section of BGG and see if you see anything that whets your whistle.

The game I've been playing lately (with Rude and Pumpkin [I live in SoCal again btw]) is Kingdom Death: Monster. I backed this over Kickstarter 3 years ago and it just got delivered a few weeks ago! Pump and I both backed it because of the pretty, pretty minis, but it has unexpectedly turned out to be a really good, although grim and creepy, game. The crazy thing is that the kickstarter price was $100, it's currently selling for $295, and it's actually selling pretty well at that price. Gamers be crazy.

There was a Star Wars trailer, look around in the Internet for it if you want to check it out!