Tuesday, August 18, 2015

| Still playing me some Payday 2

Had a run on the new map "Cook Off" where you basically play the first level of "Rats" in perpetuity.. taking over a meth house, then finding materials to cook meth, then defending said meth against waves of enemies while you run the bags back to a getaway van... as many times as you and your crew want, up to something insane like 100 bags (which would take hours).

So anyway, log into a crew, start playing, get about 3 bags in and notice there are no enemies and there's one of our guys standing at the back of the van throwing in a continuous rainbow of bags in the van... oh lawd, a hacker. But not just any hacker. Maybe the most ridiculous hacker run I've ever seen.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Payday 2.. a very well run, near maximum difficulty mission taking 3 days with no margin for failure on any of the days (Pro Jobs you don't get to restart the mission.. if you fail a stage, the entire thing is scrapped and you get nothing)... you might see upwards of $3M in cash as your split and around 1M in XP. And that's perfect run.

Back to our Cook Off Hacker.. he takes a minute or two to dump in however many bags. We get the 'mission success' and debrief... $623M in cash as my share and something stupid like 150M in xp. I couldn't do anything about having received that XP.. except to reset my character back from the now maxed out level 100 back to level 0 (and gain a level of infamy, which confers some small perks), and then NOT keep any of my cash on reset. With his hack, it would be possible, in the span of maybe an hour or two, to go from absolute infamy/level zero to maxed out infamy of 25 and level 100... that's just nuts.

Additionally, I got to thinking.. it really takes the fun out of the game to just instantly have everything. I don't relate to the hacker mindset I guess. I'd rather be presented with a set of challenges/puzzles and have to solve my way through them, and/or earn skills and grind up to being able to solve them with a mixture of game elements and my own player skill / thought.