Sunday, January 25, 2015

| Holy...

I picked up Tabletop Simulator on Steam and I'm going through the 65+ pages in the Steam Workshop and it's like when we all first discovered Napster but for boardgames... it's every game I've ever owned plus every single one old and new I want to try.

Now, I know it'll never replace playing games in person, but dammit, it'll do in a pinch a lot of the time. We gotta try some of it out! (I found the Star Wars dice in there, so we're ready for the next session!)

EDIT: After loading up a bunch of modules (the old Aliens game with the standup guys!), it's cool, but it's basically like a 3D vassal mod with physics. I like it, but you're still at the mercy of who scanned (or more commonly took assets from VASSAL mods) and if rules/functions were able to be approximated in the system. Pretty cool!