Saturday, December 13, 2014

| Epic KS Shame Post

To date, I have only ever done one Kickstarter:

Star Citizen – DELIVERED (partially) : It's the game made for sim/gamers by sim/gamers, with no studio interests to satisfy. The stretch goals are crazy ambitious, but I'll be damned if it doesn't look like they're pulling off the bigger stuff already. The Arena Commander (dogfighting module) has already been released as an alpha and I'll say that I'm pretty impressed. The graphics are solid, the interaction with Voice Attack is amazing. I think the original kickstarter was only asking for 1.5M to make "the game", and had some minor stretch goals for the next couple million above that... and when it went live it blew all existing KS fundraisers away. I think when their KS campaign ended, they had pulled in 10-15M from KS directly and another 10-15 from the website. With ongoing fundraising still happening, they are now 100% crowd funded and I think approaching $60M, which is nuts.