Friday, October 24, 2014

Humble Comics Bundle
The Humble Comics bundle this time around is Star Wars comics. I paid the minimum because in the first tier of stuff you get is the first Star Wars Omnibus which collects the first 26 issues of the 70s Marvel comic. I don't know if you guys remember hearing this, but the first 6 issue arc is based on an early draft of A New Hope, so there's some rad differences in the story and a bunch of characters and scenes that never made it into the movie. The rest of the comics don't really interest me, but I'm sure I'll eventually check them out.

Random Expansion Review
Marvel Legendary Fantastic Four! More okay than fantastic.
Of all the expansions for Marvel Legendary, my least favorite so far is Fantastic Four. The main issue is with the heroes. They're predominantly "money" cards, so if you play with the 4 main peeps and Silver Surfer, you're mostly gaining money each turn. This is counter balanced with a few keyword ability called FOCUS, which is neat. It will be something like "FOCUS 9 to get 9 fight" or "FOCUS 2 to draw a card". They let you spend your money that turn on special effects instead of just recruiting heroes.

Thematically, I kinda get it, since the Fantastic Four are all about money (are they? I really don't know), but it was underwhelming. That said, when they show up in a random mix with different heroes, as will be the case most of the time, they'll probably be a lot of fun.

On the bright side, the bad guys were cool. Galactus, Mole Man, and their respective villain groups. The game needs to add some new henchman! Those are always fun.