Monday, August 04, 2014

| Elzar's Catalog of Lost Dreams and Adventures

I don't know why I hoard either (dragon in a past life?) but my reasons are usually the completely irrational "this might come in handy someday" argument. This broken plastic rear-cover to a remote control I no longer own MIGHT come in handy someday. Let me place it on this pile of newspapers/rat shit/bags of piss. (I'm not that bad of a hoarder.)

Idea for your gaming-collection hoard pile:
Take a picture of each game, then write a blog/tumblr/livejournal/ about each game and the memories it triggers, like you just did with that 'Nam game. Then, ALI FUCK SHIT UP, pack the game in a box for the next con to sell (or Ebay, or whatevs). I think it might be a nice cathartic experience that serves the dual purpose of getting you to creatively express yourself by writing about your past in a memoir style AND clear some fucking space in your present life. You don't need any of those old games and Wy isn't going to play them anyways (if that ever creeps into your mind as a reason to keep stuff). He is of the future where they will implant games directly into their neck-jacks.

If you want to be really ambitious, keep the blog of this project private till it's all finished, then publish it as some kind of geek memoir where you tell this overarching story of your angry-youts days.

It can be the true-life nerd-version of:
Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, Including Books, Street Fashion, and Jewelry
(I haven't read this yet, but it sounds kind of awesome and it's being made into a movie which sounds less awesome because, how would that even fucking work? Ugh)