Monday, July 02, 2012

| Plan: Coming Together, Love it

- Wisdom teeth: I haz them.  They are all at cool angles, but I haz them and they have not caused me any grief over the years, which is why I make so many great life and career choices - I have +4 Wisdom Teeth.

 - Beer in my backyard:  How about this, Enron - I will pick up the cost of your ticket to the beer bash, if you get a ZipCar, or other such nonsense, and drive it to my house? Do it!

 - Beer in Santa Rosa and Petaluma - We should make a 2 or 3 day beer tour to Lagunitas and Russian River over the holiday break.  We get a room in the middle somewhere (they are like 30 minutes, maybe, apart IIRC) and take day trips to each, drink, eat, drink, get merch, then back to the room for more drink (growlers of Pliny, anyone?) and gamez.  Thoughts?

 - Run For Your Lives - the zombie run in Temecula sold out for Saturday, but they have added Sunday!  The family and I were planning on making a vacation out of it and going to Lego Land, seeing some family, etc. then we realized that Wylie will be in like 'real school' and you don't just take your kids out of real school for vacations, so we put the kibosh on that plan.

That being said, anyone in for a zombie run trek to Temecula on Oct 21?  Maybe drive down on Friday or Saturday the day before, to Temecula on Sunday for the run, and either back to NorCal (or SoCal, if that's where you live I guess...) that day, or take Monday off and have a more leisurely drive up?