Wednesday, January 11, 2012

| Zombo eNron

You know, I tend to agree on the 4th ed points made. While fun with the introduction of flavored powers, but they eventually become a bit of a ball and chain and do nothing to quicken the pace of DnD's notoriously monotonous combat. 4th ed had good ideas, but dragged too much 2nd and 3rd Ed baggage in plus its own.

5th ed sounds like a mess waiting to happen. Community input is great and all, but if you don't have a strong management team to understand the impacts of every additive of subtractive changes, and veto when necessary, then this will only mire the works by adding more and more incoherent crap. Lets face it, populace opinions can often do more harm than good, since in the end, many are born from inexperience, mindless agendas and straight stupidity. Look at our congress: Put in by popular vote, left to their own devices... Profit! Oh wait :(

Earthdawn: I'm in FTW. Fuck Yeah! Also, I still lack a Web Cam. Dork, I know. Your momma I say.